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    • 社會科學性質及發展趨勢...英文原文翻譯...

      "已系統化之學問萃取於觀察,研究和實驗以求判决研究題材的本性或原則."- 來自"威伯斯特 新世界語言字典" (大學版本;克里夫蘭和紐約: 世界出版行, 1965) 第三個字應該是"derived." "威伯斯特" 是一個有名的字典牌子. 希望有幫到忙 ^___^!

    • 中翻英~英文高手請進~有關汽車的翻譯文章!

      ...campaign appearance enhance the image The appearance of vogue From the appearance observation, the domestic front and Focus TDCi imported cars is not the same, in order to enhance the image of sport, especially under the air...

    • 交通意外 給女友的信件 英文翻譯

      ... in the hospital right now because I had an car accident last weekend. The doctor told me..., I have to stay in the hospital for further observation and treatment. Well, that's not the point. ...