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    • Observation v.s. Interpreation

      Observation is the way you objectively detect and assess a material without making any... a concrete suggestion based mostly on your previous knowledge. a Observation b interpretation c interpretation d Observation e interpretation f Observation...

    • 幫我看看我寫的公司推薦信英文可以嗎?

      ... always keeps smiling in the work. According to my observation, she enjoy in the provide service to the customer, and loved see satisfaction smile form customer. 這裡你是要表現出你的工作優點,我建議可以這樣打: =>According...

    • 救命阿~誰能幫忙OT

      這是clinical observation感統評估齁 共同收縮 上肢與軀幹-- 治療師要求小朋友抓住其大拇指,之後治療師...