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  1. observation post


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    • 急!徵求英文達人,幫忙中翻英!

      ...站在瞭望台上,可以眺望整片山景,讓人心曠神怡! Stands in the observation post, may look into the distance from a high place the entire piece mountain scenery, lets...

    • (急)請大大幫忙 幫我把病歷英文翻譯成中文 謝謝*

      ...血小板 WBC 白血球 Plan: 計畫 Post op care 手術後 照護 Lesion site elevation損傷...或PA 吧?~^^ 因為 我沒用過..... Close observation 密切觀察 Check coma scale 檢查 格拉斯哥氏...

    • brief report要怎麼寫???

      ... examples of them online, it's time to summarize your observations and findings. Report ContentReturn the resource page where you posted notes on the reports and report resources you found...