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    observe discipline

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    • 教學問題,可以幫我翻一下嗎?!謝謝

      第一題 Describe four discipline situations you have observed. Consider the causes of common in your classroom? What discipline problems might occur as a result of...

    • Write a one-Paragraph Summary

      ...many things whether inside or outside the class, because they need to be observe people's emotion and habits all the time. It is also... work in entertainment business will need lots of patience and discipline.

    • 我自己翻譯好的英文翻譯~但不通順~請高手幫忙我

      ...'s division of labor theory imply that new sub-disciplines within Public Choice and political economy will soon be observed. 由施蒂格勒的勞工理論中可預知新的替代訓練综合大眾...