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  1. obsess

    • KK[əbˋsɛs]
    • DJ[əbˋses]


    • vt.[H]
    • 過去式:obsessed 過去分詞:obsessed 現在分詞:obsessing

    • 釋義
    • 相關詞
    • vt.[H]
    • 1. 迷住,使著迷;纏住

      David was obsessed with a girl he had just met. 大衛被一個他剛剛認識的女孩迷住了。

    • 2. 使窘困,使煩擾

      The hostages were obsessed by the fear of death. 人質被死亡的恐懼所纏擾。

    • adj. 著迷的,一門心思的

    • obsess的動詞現在分詞、動名詞

    • 著迷的,被纏住的,煩擾的

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    • ph. 被…困擾

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    • 更多解釋
    • IPA[əbˈses]



    • vt.
      困擾; 使痴迷
    • she was totally obsessed with him 她被他迷得神魂顛倒

      he was obsessed by or with thoughts of suicide 他總想著自殺

    • vi.
    • she obsesses over her shoes 她總嘮叨她的鞋
    • 迷住,使困擾

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    • 請問幾個英文單字(英翻中)

      ... from their family家教 ②obsess~if something or someone obsesses you, you think about them all the time and you cannot think of anything...

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      ...overstatement to say that most people in the US are close to being obsessed with their physical appearance. 對於大部分的美國人接近為自己的外貌着迷的...

    • Potty和Poty的意思!!

      ...someone... **不可用在對事情上 著迷也可以用: crazy about someone or something.. 另一個是obsessed意指只能注意這個人或這件事情上,無法再想其他事情 應該可以當作不可自拔的...