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  1. obstacle race

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    • 請問要如何翻譯"五百障礙賽"

      五百公尺障礙賽 500 meters obstacle race 或是 500M Steeplechase

    • 英文文章文法問題

      ...course”視為1名詞,前加另1名詞視同形容詞,obligation obstacle course “責任之障礙超越訓練場”,全句大致意思是 原是... can't enjoy an experience because your mind races toward the next one on the calendar.' 1.我可不可以翻成...

    • 徵求英文達人幫我看英文題目翻譯是否正確 this movie and people's stereotype of a vampire? 05. Love between different races always involves various external obstacles. Do you think this problem also exists in real life? 06. What...