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    occupy oneself with

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    • 英文 幫我翻譯這篇作文 The 4th section: Consult with foreigner in English and do the convenient one too on the business. The 5th section: So no matter English occupy one quite important important foot color quite in...

    • occupy在這段英文是當作”從事”還是佔領

      布希總統說即使政府忙於海灣危機對抗非法藥物仍然維持在第一優先考量"我知道這些日子來我們全神貫注於其他主題,但是當國際情勢冷靜下來的時候,第一仍需繼續保持第一的位置."(指對抗非法藥物) 布希總統說.

    • 請幫忙中文翻英文!!!謝謝

      1.The tung-chih boxed meal use the box of wood chip, with the the most first-class chih-shang rice. 2.Occupy the chih-shang peculiar meat , vegetables, salt prunes . 3.This...