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  1. odd lot

    • KK[ɑd lɑt]
    • DJ[ɔd lɔt]


    • ph.
      【經】零股(又稱為 broken lot,在證券交易或期貨交易中,指交易數量低於交易單位(trading unit)者,通常的交易單位為 100 股)
  2. 知識+

    • 零股交易的英文??

      Odd-lot trading An order to trade blocks of stock in lots of less than 100 shares.

    • I am doing great / greatly

      ..., If you use "greatly", the meaning will become very odd. greatly means extremely or very much. I'm doing it good...

    • 請文法高手幫忙看一下文法錯誤唷

      ...a nice choice. First, it might bring in heavy traffic. Second, customers might make a lot of noises for people who living around the restaurant. Third, an odd smell from the restaurant might spread far and wild.