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  1. of a different kidney


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    • 1. 不同類型的;不同脾氣的 He is very pleasant to deal with, but his brother is a man of a different kidney. 他很好相處,可他兄弟則全然不同。
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    • Problem or Question

      ... to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, a situation that causes difficulties...person, we might have a health problem with our kidney/bladder/brain/ breathing/sleep..); we could...

    • [英文]請幫我翻譯一段有關食品科學的英文期刊(贈20點)

      文章我稍微潤釋過了,內容與本文大致上相同,供您參考~ 番茄萃取物對氧化壓力引起之器官毒性的影響 蕃茄製品中所富含的茄紅素因抗氧化能力佳,目前被認為可降低罹患慢性疾病如癌症的機率。 過去的文獻指出,自由基在乙醯胺酚(APAP)、amiodarone (ADN)及環孢...

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      ...lamb heart, liver, lung, kidney and other ingredients... they form a bag-like shape. And the... smells kind of raw. Although it's completely a different taste, this Scottish...