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    of a kind

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    • 這兩個英文片語的差別?

      a kind of 1. ...的一種 This is a...汽車。 2. 幾分 She has a kind of genius. 她有幾分天才。 kind of 1. 有點兒...體貼的;令人感激的 It's very kind of you to tell me the truth. 你真好...

    • kind of不是在英文裡當形容詞嗎?怎麼能修飾動詞?

      ...kind of strange, but I liked him.(修飾動詞was,表示有點) a kind of ... = a type of ... a kind of engage people是不合文法的,你確定engage不是當形容詞...

    • a kind ofkind of 的分別 !!

      您好 很高興為您解決問題 kind of / a kind of 其實是很不容易搞混的.. Kind of + 形容詞 he is ...kind of boring/pretty a kind of + 名詞 , 一種什麼東西.. this is a kind of art 這是藝術的一種..