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  1. of all things

    • ph.
      out of all conceivable possibilities (used to express surprise)
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    • 關於一些of的用法

      ...which tells you about the subject. 2. Of all the things that can damage a friendship, though, perhaps the... this the reason that becasue "Of all the things that can damage a friendship" so that we...

    • 急用~~~起大家幫忙把英文諺語翻成中文諺語

      ...3.Man is the soul of the universe.;Man is the measure of all things. 人類是宇宙的核心, 大概可以翻成中文的 "萬物之靈" 吧... 4.Man...

    • 想問英文是不是通順有哪裡有錯誤?

      ...compassion for patients(?). I am cautious and I tendto take charge of all things personally. Because of these traits, Ithink I have more...