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    • being 怎用~條件句時態?

      ...considerable is not the right word. It should be "considerate". Considerable means "rather large or great in size" or "worthy of respect and attention". If you are describing "一家...

    • 請問 large、huge、big..等單字有何差別?

      ...or activity on a significant scale. 3 of wide range or scope. huge extremely large. big: size, physical power, or extent. 2 of considerable importance or seriousness. 3 informal exciting great interest or popularity. 4 informal...

    • 求英文翻譯順一點?不要用翻譯軟體那種的。

      在這篇研究中,這樣可觀的退學率(37%)來自於一個少量的樣本數。雖然這兩個族群的測量基準都沒達到統計上的顯著性,但是這個少量的樣本卻在此篇研究中有 "第二型錯誤" 的危險。 這個 "少量的樣本" 以及 "高比率的退學率" ,在 "隨機化" 下進一步限制結果...