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    name of distinction

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    • ph. 享有…的盛譽

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    • ph. 以…出名,因…而聞名

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    • dubious distinction 怎麼翻

      He had the (dubious distinction) of becoming the first person to be killed by robot. 他不是很...

    • 請教各位:cow有專指母牛嗎?

      ...a young cow or bull. If your friend doesn't want to have these kind of distinction, than it is her own choice. After all, based upon the...

    • 桂冠?何謂桂冠?

      ...男性的名詞。最早在英文裡是形容詞。是,'crowned with laurel( as a symbol of distinction)',「戴上月桂冠當作榮譽」。後來又成了'of a crown, wreath; consisting of...