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    • 幫我翻譯Let Me Show You The Way歌詞!

      ...讓上帝溫和的慈愛光輝充盈 Of gentle sweet love Where no one can...peaceful expression 愛的和平宣言近在咫尺 Of love that is near I feel...的展現 The day of your birth 是你的誕生 Though ...

    • 英文自我介紹幫我一下拜託

      1. your name, date of birth, personality. 名子 生日 個人特質(如:個性...i'm 16 years old lik everyone else and of course i come from taiwan. also i'm very gentle ...(這句是在講你有啥特質可以自己加) my...

    • 請各位幫忙~中文翻成英文

      ..., one great women very, give birth to one little boy baby, in a situation that...gradually. He is in the course of study, make a lot of friends...individual character is very kind and gentle, not liking competing with...