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    of gentle disposition

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    • 可以幫我檢查文法和修正文章嗎?急~20點

      ... content enterprise and got marriage Gentle Beth, loved playing piano..., during their ordinary life, as a result of the disposition difference between them, unavoidab frictions...

    • Elizabeth Blackwell網站重點~30點!

      ...great opportunity for patient because women's gentle, sympathetic dispositions and maternal instincts can help them... century, Blackwell was one of the more progressive doctors . --> ...

    • 幫忙查單字.越詳細越好<5>

      ... for a long time. 長期的。 Of a disease, deep-rooted, lingering...辯論;討論;談論;爭論。 mild adj. Gentle in temper and disposition; kind; calm. (性情及氣質)溫和的;仁慈的...