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    • 1. 有幫助 Can I be of help to you? 我能幫你一下嗎?
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    • 我的腦袋轉不過來了,請英文先進幫我解惑!

      1. Who has the most need of help 這句的重點是has,誰有...?,也就是誰有最需要被...能用從後面翻譯回來 這招 the most need 最需要 +of help 這裡的of 是說明 需要.. = 被幫助的需求 help of...

    • 如何在國外速食店點餐?

      ...a few corrections, which I hope will be of help to ya. 在速食店點餐 狀況一 A:May .... 狀況二 A:May I help you? B:Yes. A:For here or to...

    • 英文句子改寫

      Foreigners need a lot of help living far from home and facing a difficult...and facing a difficult language and culture need a lot of help... 我就贊同Louis大師的見解.