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    a man of high standing

    • ph.
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    • Of all the high mountain tea

      Of all the high mountain tea from Taiwan,Alishan High Mountain tea stands out among all the rest. 在來自台灣的所有高山茶中, 阿里山高山茶從所有其餘的...

    • 英文翻譯...The assisted standing..

      ... when patients can sit, stand, pivot, and bear some weight on the ...paresis, paralysis, or loss of balance or sensation, which necessitates... to patients until the highest possible level of independence is...

    • stand up有別的用法?

      stand up comedy 美式喜劇演員的脫口秀 他們通常都是一個人站在舞台上 拿著麥克風一直不斷地說笑話 因為一直都是站著 所以習慣上就說 stand up comedy 我給你一個 youtube 網站參考