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  1. of long standing

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    • 1. 長時期的 Her opposition to the plan is of long standing. 她對這一計劃的反對是曠日持久的。
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    • 不懂這句英文的”句構”

      ...nature of U.S.-Taiwan relations and within the scope of the existing long-standing policies. 布希政府已經作好準備, 在顧及美台關係的非官方性質, 以及長久以來...

    • 5句英文短句翻譯成中文

      ...之虞,我們也接受... 題目五: We hope this would mark the beginning of a long-standing and steady business relationship between us. 期盼這次交易是我們未來長期穩定...

    • (中翻英)請幫我翻譯這一段內容 謝謝

      ..., these are all the credit. Thank you for the company to pay a lot of long-standing efforts of the company. To the company's performance straight up, specially...