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    • 我要問一大堆英文問題^^

      ...就不是名詞而是動詞了! 2.We are not of the same blood. not of本身有非同一的,外來的!! 例如:"not of...替"人"就會 = anyone who了!! 13.When the earth is seen from space = Seen from...

    • 有沒有一個英文單字是指吸血鬼的使徒?

      ... blood parent, he or she will experience extremely intense pain. Only a vampire of the same blood line, or a vampire which possesses the same blood as the renfield's blood...

    • 請問blood and beyond是什麼意思

      ...have ? ---It might also mean "alliteration" which is the use of the same letter or sound at the beginning of words that are close together, as in blood and beyond. where "beyond" is the pop-song musical band also!