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    • 【商用英文】要回絕客戶並有禮,煩請英文高手協助

      ...for about 1 week, the material we suggested you to order will come out about the same time with the material ofthe standard AS”. So, we are just wondering that whether we can go back to...

    • 翻譯 專題的一段英文 謝謝~

      翻譯: 即使auto-disable syringes(指只能用一次的針筒,找專有名詞翻譯)和標準針頭的針筒都能以相同的價格買到,而且可以藉由物流運送到偏遠地區等方法來克服 小弟的建議:是不是應該把標點符號等斷句還有其他的前後文也一併PO出來,比較好判斷其意!否則小弟也只能用猜...

    • 請英文高手幫忙修改英文文法1

      ... schools need them to live up to the standard of GEPT of intermediate level,if you make them live up to the same standard as students who major in applied English like us. ...