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    Which of your arms is sore

    • ph.
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    • of which如何翻譯?

      ... within two small hills in the midst of which flowed a great river. 本句可還原成三句: 1...rarr; .....located within two small hills of which a great river flowed in the midst. 但這樣易引起...

    • each of which???

      ... by a different instructor. A)each of them B)each of which答案是B),A)可以嗎? Of course, you can choose either one of...

    • of which they

      你這句有錯字, ready 其實是 read,不然 of which 關係子句就沒有動詞了。 The world is a great book, of which they who...想成 whose,會很難理解意思。 這裡要和後面的 a page 一起看, a page of which,這 which 當然是指書,才有所謂 「書的一頁」。 stir from home 是 「離開...