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    off and on

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    • off and on

      off and on; on and off 是一樣的, 意思是 斷斷續續, 間歇地, 不規則地. 例: It rained on and off all day. 整天斷斷續續地下著雨. 樓上說的開開關關是 ons and offs...

    • 這些英文句子有錯誤嗎? 錯在哪?

      ...出處之要旨作解釋。 1. Could you turn the fire off and the light on? (較確定的改正:Could you turn off the fire...的東西) 4. A nuclear explosion would wipe out plant and animal life. wipe out 是動詞片語,之中的質詞(副詞...

    • 醫囑翻譯有些搞不懂,20點

      Fever off and on (up tou 40oC) 發燒一直到40度 Besides此外 as tolerable尚可 appetide...