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  1. off duty


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    • 1. 下班 He usually comes off duty at 5 p.m. 他通常下午五點下班。
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    • 請問下班的英文用什麼比較好 ?

      come or go off work; be off duty; knock off: 你什麼時候下班? When do you come off duty?; What time do you knock off? 她已經下班了。 She is off duty now. 下班後我們一起去看電影。 Let's go to the cinema together after work

    • duty的諺語哪裡查?

      ... 5duty If someone such as a policeman or a nurse is off duty, they are not working. If someone is on duty, they ...

    • 下班 的英文片語

      to get off duty; to come off work; to go off duty; (off - duty下班) to be released from duty