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  1. off one's nut

    • ph.
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    • 1. 【俚】瘋狂的 You must be off your nut! 你準是瘋了!



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    • ph.


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    • 可以幫我翻譯一下這幾句英文句子嗎,有點急

      ...mother loaded the birthday cake with cherries ,nuts, and other delicious treats . 珍妮的母親把櫻桃...了2個孩子 The farmers regularly burn off the old plants from their fields...

    • 徵英文不差的人~~救救我~~~~~(急)~~~20點

      ...: I guess you want to apply the financial aid to pay off your tuition. B: You bet. A: You are nut. Be realistic. B: You're ...

    • 類似英文的成語

      ...走去吃糕(易事) 9.a headache 頭痛(麻煩事) 10.a knock out 擊倒(美得讓人傾倒) 11.a load off my mind 心頭大石落地 12.a nut 傻子,瘋子 13.a pain in the neck 脖子疼(苦事) 14.a piece of cake 一塊蛋糕(小菜一碟,易事...