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    off the mark

    • ph.
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    • ph. 起跑慢了

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    • ph. 行動敏捷

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    • ph. 離目標太遠,差得太多了,大相徑庭,風馬牛不相及

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    • ph. 起跑,開始

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    • ph. 迅速開始

    • You have to be quick off the mark when you answer a newspaper advertisement. 回應報紙的廣告得說辦就辦。

  2. 知識+

    • 〈英文片語〉請問off the mark是啥意思?

      off the mark  原意為偏離靶心 、未中目標。 引伸為「不準確」或者「估計錯誤」的意思。例句1: The weather forecast in the news was off the mark,  there was an unpredicted shower today. 新聞中的天氣預測不準確,今日竟然...

    • you think you know how a loved

      you think you know how a loved one feels,but you may be way off the mark. 請問這句話翻譯為何 是什麼意思??????? 妳自以為知道被愛的感受 但是你可能是 特錯大錯 錯錯錯 Ahh, what a shocking revelation!

    • 一段Kick Ass漫畫裡的英文

      ... myself in the bedroom mirror I realized how far off the "mark" comic books had been .當我第一次注視房裡鏡中的自己...