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  1. off-message

    • IPA[ˌôfˈmesij]


    • adj.
      departing from an expected or regular theme or issue.
  2. 知識+

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      ...或是寫下來 (wirte 步是rightㄉ喔) better yet we can just continue to respond off of this message so we can refer back to the message trail! LOL! So give me some...

    • 請教即時通或MSN的幾句英文?

      ...? I am now MSN with Mark. Your offline message will be sent when Mark logged in. 2009-12-17 15:08:58 補充...

    • 英文--This is a post-only mailin

      ...先生所言,這類信件是不收回信的,叫你不要(需)回覆,你回覆他也沒用。 unwanted taste imparted by spoilage or contaminationoff-flavorabnormal unappetizing...