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    • 請幫忙翻譯幾段文章 中翻英

      ...自己讀翻的部份 看看有沒有奇怪的地方) (喜歡的話就選我吧) "Amy offered to give guitar lessons to Vincent for free. Mr. Wand gave Amy a...

    • Do you know about these course

      ...think. Rare student dare to be on the kind of class even if the clase is offered. Sincere no one to be on, the clase would be dismissed.

    • 英文介系詞一題

      Fundamental to this "Send a Cow" program is the understanding...that each person who receives an animal will also give one of its young to needy neighbor 為名詞子句當S主詞,那麼按照句意,that所引導名詞子句究竟...