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    • 我不懂這英文的意思

      ...客戶支持。 We were unable to understand your inquiry. We offer support in English and Japanese. Please send your inquiry again in English...

    • 紅燒肉 in English?

      紅燒肉 = Pork Stew紅燒牛肉 = Beef Stew(Barbecue pork 是烤肉。)============================================================啊,忘了說,"sauteed" 是「炒」的意思,跟 stir fry 差不多,但 stir fry 比較常見於亞洲菜系的食譜裏。

    • any courses in English please

      ... of cake! There are plenty of universties in Taipei, many of them are out-standing!!! ALSO THEY OFFER ENGLISH COURSES as well. 2009-10-08 01:47:16 補充: A list of ...