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  1. office

    • IPA[ˈôfis]


    • n.
      a room, set of rooms, or building used as a place for commercial, professional, or bureaucratic work;the local center of a large business
    • noun: office, plural noun: offices

    • 釋義
    • n.
    • 1. a room, set of rooms, or building used as a place for commercial, professional, or bureaucratic work:

      an office job

      computers first appeared in offices in the late 1970s

    • 2. the local center of a large business:

      a company that has four U.S. and four European offices

    • 3. a room, department, or building used to provide a particular service:

      a ticket office

      a Post Office

    • 4. the consulting room of a professional person:

      a patient walks in to a doctor's office

    • 5. a position of authority or service, typically one of a public nature:

      the office of attorney general

    • 6. tenure of an official position, especially a government position:

      a year ago, when the President took office

      he was ejected from office in 1988

    • 7. the quarters, staff, or collective authority of a particular government department or agency:

      the Foreign Office

    • 8. a service or kindness done for another person or group of people:

      rescued through the good offices of the Italian Ambassador, he was returned safely to England

    • 9. a duty attaching to one's position; a task or function:

      the offices of a nurse

    • 10. the series of services of prayers and psalms said (or chanted) daily by Roman Catholic priests, members of religious orders, and other clergy.
    • 11. a prayer service conducted daily as part of the Divine Office:

      the noon office

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    • post office ? postal office?

      post是郵政, post office是進行postal affairs(郵政上的事務)的地方. 亦即: post = postal affairs...大寫, 簡稱P.O. 如果要用postal, 你要寫成複合名詞形式的postal affair office 或釋義形式的 office for postal affairs, 但這些都不是機構名稱了. 沒有...

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