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  1. official birthday

    • n.
      (in the UK) a day in June chosen for observing the sovereign's birthday.
    • noun: official birthday

  2. 知識+

    • 誰知道Levi's的歷史<英文的>急急急~~~~

      ... and Trademark Office. We consider that day to be the official "birthday" of blue jeans. 2006-03-20 23:25:10 補充: Concerning the rest...

    • 關於英文句型問題。?

      ...交通部長,與副總統 參加我的生日宴會. A few government officials, defense secretary, transportation secretary and the veep came... and bustled the whole day to find my birthday present. =他血拼(有辛苦但樂在其中的意思)了一天而...

    • 請幫我翻譯這幾句英文自我介紹的內容 in Xin Zhuang City. My birthday is on Mar. 26, 1990. So, the star sign... retired. My mother is a public official and still works in Public Health...