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  1. officials

    • official的名詞複數
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    • official,unofficial,ex-officio

      ... 1)official adj. 官方的,正式的 Of or relating to...)ex-officio ( a Latin phrases) =ex-official For English explain is →an ex...

    • 中央官officials of central...有s嗎

      中央官員 officials of central government officials有s嗎? 單複數都可以 依所需的語意來決定加不加s. 倒是較重要的是冠詞, official是普通名詞 不特定的話, 複數可不加冠詞, 單數則要加an.

    • 短文翻譯Finance officials from

      Finance officials from the world's wealthiest nations pledged at a ...