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    • George Michael 的faith

      ...遊戲,因為我也是一樣的。 Oh but I Need takes a strong man baby But I'm... to stay Say please, please, please, don't go away You say I...

    • 請協助將以下歌詞 英翻中

      ...妳應當曉得我並非那種習慣撒謊的男子 相信妳自己的感覺絕對是沒錯的! Please don't give up my true love Oh, please give us a chance to try 就請妳不要棄我真摯的愛於不顧 噢...

    • How To Be Dead 中文語譯!

      ... Be Dead    4.怎樣死 Please don't go crazy, if I tell you the truth   請不要... so far   迄今,你已經列舉的那 Oh baby let me explain something   噢,嬰兒讓我...