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  1. oil and water

    • ph.
      used to refer to two elements, factors, or people that are incompatible or do not blend together
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    • 關於英文的不可數名詞

      ...油和水不相容對吧?「油」和「水」都是典型的不可數名詞,所以我們來看 Oil and water _____ mix 裡面的空格是用複數動詞 don't 或是單數動詞 doesn't。 用...

    • oiling-off 的英文翻譯

      ..., fatliquoring, oiling-off, and surface treatments for oil and water resistance. Particular strengths are American style...

    • Mixture and compound

      ... which may be all sorts of things Milk, Salt Water, oil, and soup are all mixture. When we talk about mixture, we think of it as something...