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    old bean

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    • 俚語一題~a ____ ball?

      old bean是稱呼人時帶有諷刺味或有點損人know no beans about baseball---對棒球一翹不通bean ball 是棒球語即 wild...have more than one meaning.如果整句話是為了強調bean這個字就是palilogy----the repetition of a word in a sentence...

    • 重組一篇英文故事

      ... had been no rain and the man wanted some water for the bean plants because he was very hungry. He walked to an old temple and talked to a wise man. The old man advised him...

    • 豆腐乳的英文怎麼說

      ...看才會了解 以下是英文的豆腐乳敘述,你可以參考 This centuries-old Chinese delicacy of bean curd cubes fermented in rice wine has a pungent aroma akin to...