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    • 1. 頑固不化的人 isn't Professor Bell an old fossil? 貝爾教授真是個老頑固。
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    • what 的用法問題

      ...fossils in northern Pakicetus found what proved to be the oldest fossil whale. = In 1979, a team looking for fossils in northern ...

    • date to 與date at的差異? 3.75 million years ago 等於 dated at 3.75 million years old. dated at 34 million years old 等於 dating to 34 million ...

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      ... no son's a couple. In this house, an old couple without kid live here. 皮包裡只剩下一張壹仟元大鈔... has been scratch an article dinosaur fossil. Last month, a dinosaur fossil was dug out...