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  1. old moon


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    • 1. 下弦月 An old moon was coming up over the hills. 一輪下弦月正在小山上升起。
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    • 唐詩翻譯成英文

      ...今人不見古時月,今月曾經照古人。 Men today do not see the moon of old Moon today once shone on men long ago 古人今人若流水,共看明月皆如此...

    • 上弦月、滿月、下弦月的英文??

      上弦月:first quarter of the moon 滿 月:a full moon; the moon in her complement 下弦月:the moon at the last (or third) quarter; an old moon 日偏蝕:an annular partial eclipse 日全蝕:an annular total eclipse

    • 問 英美語文習慣用語 翻譯 hang the moon

      ...ldquo;Everybody in the 8th Wing thinks he hung the moon," says one of Olds's aviators. "We'd follow him anywhere." ...