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  1. old woman


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    • 1. 老婦
    • 2. 【口】老婆;母親
    • 3. 婆婆媽媽的(男)人,大驚小怪(或謹小慎微)的(男)人
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    • ph.
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    • 我忘記這個英文演講稿寫神麼 20點

      ...the Fox as Shepherd 內容: An old woman needed someone to watch over her sheep when...rdquo; “Oh, how sweet!” said the old woman. “You are just the one to take care of...

    • 可以幫忙翻譯英文嗎 ? 急 ~!謝謝

      ...a restaurant wanting to have a meal. 有天有個old woman 走進一家西餐廳準備用餐 Waiter: ...lady and apologized. waiter 愣住了趕緊走向old women 要向他道歉 Waiter: I am...

    • 簡單英文問題~~

      The old woman got a job handing out fliers next to the freeway. 此句原本...限定工作 清楚形容是一份在公路旁發傳單的工作! 重點二分詞用法 The old woman got a job (which hands out fliers next to the freeway.) 的分詞...