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  1. olive-skinned

    • adj.
      (of a person) having yellowish-brown skin
    • 釋義


    • 1. (of a person) having yellowish-brown skin an olive-skinned Italian goddess
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    • 請英文高手解答英文句子翻譯 (屬於英國人講法)

      ...ticket for the banter bus= have a talent for bantering(懂得如何對話題作回應) olive-skinned=深膚色的 around ones age=年齡相仿 not old older=不是那麼老...

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      ...在臨近的城鎮獨自扶養Anna。 2012-01-03 19:08:19 補充: Fair-skinned Anna strongly resembles her biological mother, while Irina...

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      ...高三畢業生,上某大學英語系。 Past studies have shown that olive oil may be effective in the treatment and healing of skin burns, when used externally. Now, a new study published...