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    • 省略,刪除,疏忽,遺漏
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    • relative pronouns

      ...relative pronouns are the OBJECT of the adj clause, it can be omitted. Example #1 The man was friendly. I met "...

    • 急!請問一下幾種文法的例句~

      1.Omitting articles 省略冠詞 (1) man或woman用以代替全體 ...與物質名詞 Failure is the mother of success. 2.omitting "be" verbs 省略B動詞 抱歉,我不懂...

    • 兩句英文句子的彼此變化-----語義是否相同?

      (1)I think that this word can be omitted.= (2)This is the word that I think... is the word that, I think, can be omitted." This is the word 完整子句 that...