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  1. on

    • IPA[än]


    • prep.
      physically in contact with and supported by (a surface);located somewhere in the general surface area of (a place)
    • adv.
      physically in contact with and supported by a surface;(of clothing) being worn by a person
    • 釋義
    • 片語


    • 1. physically in contact with and supported by (a surface) on the table was a water jug she was lying on the floor
    • located somewhere in the general surface area of (a place) an internment camp on the island the house on the corner 同義詞 onto反義詞 off
    • as a result of accidental physical contact with he banged his head on a beam one of the children had cut a foot on some glass
    • supported by (a part of the body) he was lying on his back 同義詞 supported by, resting on, in contact with反義詞 underneath, on the underside of
    • so as to be supported or held by put it on the table
    • in the possession of (the person referred to) she only had a few dollars on her
    • 2. forming a distinctive or marked part of (the surface of something) a scratch on her arm a smile on her face
    • 3. having (the thing mentioned) as a topic a book on careers essays on a wide range of issues
    • having (the thing mentioned) as a basis modeled on the Mayflower Compact dependent on availability
    • 4. as a member of (a committee, jury, or other body) they would be allowed to serve on committees
    • 5. having (the thing mentioned) as a target, aim, or focus five air raids on the city thousands marching on Washington
    • 6. having (the thing mentioned) as a medium for transmitting or storing information put your ideas down on paper stored on the client's own computer
    • being broadcast by (a radio or television channel) a new TV series on Channel 4
    • 7. in the course of (a journey) he was on his way to see his mother
    • while traveling in (a public conveyance) John got some sleep on the plane
    • onto (a public conveyance) with the intention of traveling in it we got on the train
    • 8. indicating the day or part of a day during which an event takes place reported on September 26 on a very hot evening in July
    • at the time of she was booed on arriving home
    • 9. engaged in his attendant was out on errands
    • 10. regularly taking (a drug or medicine) he is on morphine to relieve the pain
    • 11. paid for by the drinks are on me
    • 12. added to a few cents on the electric bill is nothing compared with your security


    • 1. physically in contact with and supported by a surface make sure the lid is on
    • (of clothing) being worn by a person she sat waiting with her coat on get your shoes on
    • 2. indicating continuation of a movement or action she burbled on he drove on
    • further forward; in an advanced state time's getting on later on
    • 3. (of an entertainment or other event) taking place or being presented what's on at the festival there's a good film on this afternoon
    • due to take place as planned the reorganization is still on
    • 4. (of an electrical appliance or power supply) functioning they always left the lights on
    • 5. (of a performer, etc.) broadcasting or acting.
    • (of an employee) working.
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      on 指在…之上,或在廣大的面上,它強調與表面相接觸。 如: on the desk(在書桌上),on the wall (在牆上), on the door...提及某人某事時, 僅表示其存在或發生,而不涉及其詳情; on 表示關於時,多用在演說,論文等專門的主題上。 ex...

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      「at on in的時間, 地方用法」 ☆一: 「at 」表示一天中的某個時間/ 時段 at...爸爸在六十歲退休了。 ☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★★☆★ ☆「on」表示指定的某日或和某日、在....上面 ☆一: 表示某個特定日期/ 圖片...

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