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  1. on (or off) the wagon

    • (of an alcoholic) abstaining from drinking
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    • abstaining (or not abstaining) from drinking alcohol

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    • fall off the wagon的意思是什麼??

      旧态复萌 在这段戒酒的日子里,我们说他on the wagon;如果这个酒鬼过了段时间,又开始喝酒, 而且酗酒成性,我们说他fall off the wagon

    • 用以下英文單字 做出"對話"

      ... to protect Jim from falling off the wagon. 2010-12-27 00:25:39 補充: B. Did we pass...good passenger. I have maintained due vigilance on where we are and where we are going...

    • 請英文高手把這整段英翻中(20點)急!有點難!

      ...賬戶,傑克遜和他的人正旅行越過A 道路的順利部分突然,stopped.The 運貨馬車為配備人員什麼時候 推並且推,運貨馬車不能是moved.The...