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  1. be on a hiding to nothing

    • ph.
      be unlikely to succeed, or be unlikely to gain much advantage if one does
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    • Take me to your heart 英翻中 謝謝

      ...can be true 問奇迹上演 they say nothing lasts forever 他們說没有什麼...away 請帶我一起遠走 take me to your heart 把我帶入你心裡...你心裡真的很簡單 standing on a mountain high 站在高山之颠 ...

    • 徵 英文文法高手 句子挑錯

      ...8. When you have got WHAT it takes, you'll have nothing to hide. 9. Finding A ONE-THOUSAND-DOLLAR bill on the ground is considered a lucky thing. 只針對文法改錯...

    • 給英文答案(急~10點)

      ...非相同 簡化時it 就不可省略 而成 It being a fine day last Sunday, we...... 第十五題 正解應是...成 After the sun had set, we started to go home. 因兩句主詞非相同 簡化時the sun 就不可省略...