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  1. on a short fuse

    • ph.
      易怒的; 脾氣暴躁的
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    • 1. 易怒的; 脾氣暴躁的 Don't irritate her, she's on a short fuse today. 別惹她, 她今天動不動就發火。
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      ...尼克不想再對他媽媽表示寬容了2.He has a short fuse that his girl friend can't stand him anymore...他了, 因為他點燃了導火線 3.Leo relys on the medicion(藥) to stay alive.改為 medicine (藥物)4....

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      ...砍下來的小木片(子肖其父) 6.a chip on one's shoulder 肩頭的木片(自卑感...愛找別人麻煩;喜歡向人挑釁) 7.a ouch potato 躺椅上的馬鈴薯(懶鬼 the dark 盲目射擊(瞎猜) 17.a short fuse 引線短(脾氣火爆) 18.a ...

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