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    • 請幫我分析這個句子中的子句是何種子句??

      ...of bird flu in Thailand, taking Asia's toll to at least 20 on Sunday, ahead of emergency regional talks on ways to battle the rampaging virus...

    • Ahead on the horizon ~」如何翻最適當

      Ahead on the horizon = that can be expected in the future 「Ahead on the horizon looms the problem of money. His savings will not last indefinitely.」可翻譯成: 錢的問題未來將逐漸浮現‧他的儲金將無法無限期地維持‧

    • 英文翻譯 count on---- to deal with this matter! [這件事就拜託你了] - Don't worry, you can count on me. [放心,這件事交給我就好] 2 to move ahead = 前進 例句: - Let's move ahead and see what we can find. [我們往前走...