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    • {英文}工業翻譯

      第8章聲音的傳輸和輻射由稀薄的板材保羅J。 T. Filippi介紹在許多實用情況,一個有彈性結構的振動引起的酣然的waveis : 讓我們提及musicalinstruments像吉他、小提琴、鋼琴、鼓等等; 工業機器喜歡anelectric變壓器、工具機器、各種各樣的...

    • 徵求幫忙翻譯一封英文信

      ... then ready and waiting for the big, exciting feast of Christmas. 接著他們會開始等待... just as well, because no one can work well on an empty tummy. The elves may tire at a crucial...

    • 很激勵的一場演說,請求協助翻譯,謝謝!

      ...honor to be standing here. a monument to aviation. this place has "an" ability to inspire... change people's lives. museum a hollow ground. took us on a vacation here, I was a little gal(口語的女孩) running around...