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  1. on behalf of

    • ph.
      代表, 為了...的利益
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    • ph.
    • 1. 代表, 為了...的利益

      I am writing on behalf of my mother to express her thanks for your gift. 我代表母親寫信表達她對你的禮物的感謝。

      The chairman signed the document on behalf of the company. 董事長代表公司簽署了這份文件。

    • ph. 代理某人的職務, 代表某人

    • During her illness her solicitor has been acting on behalf of her in her business affairs. 在她患病期間, 她的律師一直代理她的業務。

    • ph. 為某人作証,証明某人無罪

    • ph. 為某人作証

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    • ph.
    • The lawyer spoke on behalf of his client. 律師代表當事人說話。
    • ph.
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