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    on deck

    • ph.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 在甲板上,在值勤
    • 2. 准備就緒
    • 3. 在手邊
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    • Hands on the desk 的英文涵意?

      ...常被誤為desk,正確的說法應很可能是all hands on deck. 若是,它指「在緊急情況下,須要所有人來幫忙... up before they arrive so it's all hands on deck. (在他們到達前,必需把這些清理乾淨,所以大家一...

    • What's ”in the hole”?(MBL)

      on deck 就是你是下一個出賽的 in the hole 就是你是下一個 on deck 的人 2005-06-05 16:51:29 補充: Because that guy is usually waiting in the dugout, it's a hole, isn't it? :p

    • 英文字詞 翻譯這個詞

      ...sloop and all, but changed their minds when they stepped on deck, for then they thought that I or somebody else had them...