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  1. on drugs

    • ph.
      taking medically prescribed drugs
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    • ph.
      taking medically prescribed drugs

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • 吸毒的英文用法(do drug or take drug)

      ...用: to take drug 吸毒 to use drug 吸毒 to be on drugs = to be affected by drugs 受到 take drugs to use drugs to be on drugs 都是指服用毒品 2012-09-04 11:27:37 補充: to...

    • 演講比賽用-反毒講稿

      The war on drug is being fought all over the world nowadays because the problem.... That's the reason why the law is very harsh to punish drug related offenses. Drug is the root of all social...

    • 請問snazzy...等的英文解釋是什麼呢?

      ...可以看文章上下文來決定意思…. 有時可以當做…在這樣的基礎下的意思 15.high on drugs 就是嗑藥嗑的很high He gets really high on drug. 16.promiscuous female...