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  1. on duty

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      當值, 上班
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    • 1. 當值, 上班 Sorry, I can't come with. I am on duty tonight, worst luck. 抱歉, 我不能和你一起去, 真倒楣今晚我值班。 There is always one teacher on duty during study hour. 學習時間通常都有一位老師負責管理。


    當值, 上班


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    • duty的諺語哪裡查?

      ... are pressing the Chancellor to reduce excise duty on beer. N-VAR 5duty If someone such as a policeman or a nurse...

    • 有關上班、實習的英文怎麼說?

      1. 上班 >> on duty; on the job; at work(N.) e.g. He's on duty right now. (他正值勤.../images/job_search_at_work.jpg Tips for job searching on company time When you're already working a full-time job, when...

    • 英文片語求解

      上班 1. on duty. 2. I am going to work. 3. I am on duty now. 下班 1. off duty, off work 2. I am off duty now. 3. I am releasing from my duty.