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  1. on for young and old

    • ph.
      (of a battle, argument, party, etc.) characterized by the participants' lack of inhibition or restraint
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    • 幾題文法觀念的問題

      ...片語, 形容前面的主詞], lounged[動詞] on park benches[表示地方的副詞片語] for an all-day lunch break[表示目的的副詞片語]. 5.Everyone-young and old- trudged along the sidewalks...

    • 急~~拜託英文高手幫我翻譯~有關專題的-2

      ...moderate red wine consumption on antioxidant status and oxidative stress in the circulation...效果,。 Methods: 20 young (18–30 yrs) and 20 older (≥ 50 yrs) .../day of red wine for two weeks, or control...

    • 需要英文翻譯高手~~~

      ...領袖。 Registration for the race closed yesterday...upon strong calls from many young Turks and other reform-minded ... the strong wish that the old guards pass on the torch. 她在黨內被視為...